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Porter Video Game Festival


So, how's this event being run, anyway?

Well, that's up to you. Being our second ever Porter Prototype Night, we want your feedback on what you'd like to see at this event. After all, this event is for you - developers and community members.

Below, we've included our tentative event format. This format is based off of feedback we've received from community members and what we've seen work in similar(-ish) events. If you have any comments or feedback, please email us at

Tentative event format

  • To Begin: Brief, informal introductions from each project.
  • Then: Break out into groups for playtesting.
  • Also: Refreshments and general meet-and-greet.

At the start of the event, we'll provide a couple of minutes to each project to introduce themselves and what they're working on. The emphasis is on casual... we're curious about your project and what makes you excited about it. Leave the presentation slides at home. The amount of time dedicated to each project is dependant on how many projects are participating.

After that, we'll break out into groups. Teams will be given a table to set up on and attendees will be given the opportunity to visit teams and learn more about each game. It's up to each team what sort of playtesting they'd like to conduct at the event. Some teams may opt to do sets of full playtests while others may choose to show a brief demo and record names for a future playtest session.

Finally, as the event winds down, developers and community members will have the chance to meet new people and talk about gaming, culture, or whatever the topic of the day is.


Do I have to be a School of Engineering affiliate to attend? Do projects have to be associated with a class or campus lab?

Nope and nope. This event is open to all UCSC students, staff, and faculty, regardless of academic affiliation. And personal projects are allowed, too!

Food? There's food?!

Hold up... we said “refreshments”. Sorry, we don't have the budget to go out any buy full meals. But, yes, there will be edibles, first come first served.

Presentations? What about posters?

True, we've seen a number of events that don't do group presentations, but rather present their games in a expo type format with academic or presentational posters. Arguably, this might work better for some groups. All that said, posters cost a good amount of money, and we didn't want to place any financial restrictions on participating in this event. If you have a poster, though, feel free to bring it along.

These poster thingys sound awesome! Where can I get one?

First off, posters are not required! Second, posters cost money. Third... yeah, posters can be pretty effective communication tools. Just wanna make sure we're on the same page. Now, as for where to get them, BELS has a good resource on poster printing and where you can get them printed around town.

Will there be time for a demo during introductions?

Probably not. We want to leave as much time as possible for actual playtesting and networking. The longer the presentations, the less time available for the other components of the event. Besides, live demos are notorious for “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong” scenarios.

I'm an artist / modeler / composer / sound engineer / (insert other design & development role here) interested in getting connected with development projects. Should I show up?

Totally! Porter Prototype Nights are a great opportunity to network with other developers and creatives on campus. If you're interested in establing professional connections with other attendees, we recommend bringing samples of your work and maybe some contact cards, if you have them.

Is a expo like setting really the best way to effectively playtest?

Dunno. Only you know what playtesting environment is most appropriate for your project. Not all projects can be effectively playtested in a large group setting. Some playtests work wonderfully in this setting. If you'd rather not run full playtests, that's fine. You can use the opportunity to get first impressions and collect a list of prospective playtesters you can contact later.

What supplies will you have at the event?

We can guarantee a table, chairs, a power outlet, and good ol' CruzNet. That's about it. If you have any particular requests outside these, feel free to email us at and we'll see what we can do.

Special accommodations?

This event is open to all UCSC affiliates. For special accommodations, please email us at least 48 hours in advance at